Middle School Basketball Rules


·         Length of game:

o   Games will consist of two 20-minute halves with running clock

o   Regulation clock will apply in last minute of the 4th quarter if the score is within a 10-point differential

·         Time Outs:

o   Three 30-second time out per team, per game

o   In live ball situations, only the team with possession may call for a time out

o   In dead ball situations, either team may call for a time out

·         Playing Time Requirements:

o   All players must play at least 10 minutes in each half

o   All players sit our at least 5 minutes of each game if substitutions are available

·         Substitutions:

o   There will be two substitutions per half

o   Substitutions will be called by the referee near the 13:30 and 7:00 mark of each half.

·         Jump Balls:

o   A jump ball will be used to start the game

o   The team that does not gain the tip will start with the ball in the second half

o   Each jump ball scenario will result in alternating possession

·         Fouls:

o   Fouls will be called by the referee

o   A player fouled in the act of shooting will receive two free throws

o   Bonus will take affect on the 7th team foul

o   Double bonus will take affect on the 10th team foul

o   Players may not enter the key until the ball has touched the rim or backboard

§  Flagrant Fouls

·         Any foul deemed malicious or making no attempt to play the ball will result in a flagrant foul

·         Players who commit a flagrant foul must sit 10 consecutive minutes (minutes carry over to next game if committed in final 10 minutes of a game)

·         Players committing two flagrant fouls in one season will be suspended for one game

·         Press / Fast-Break:

o   Full court press is allowed only in the last two minutes of each half, except by a team with a 10-point or greater lead

o   Fast-Breaks are allowed accept by a team with a 10-point or greater lead

·         All other basketball rules will be in affect: 10-second rule, 3 seconds in the key, traveling, double dribble, back court, etc…